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Higashiyama Kii and Ichikawa

update: Feb 7,2017
"My all masterpieces after postwar depicted from the water of Ichikawa."
                                                                                                       Kaii Higashiyama
Higashiyama Kaii Memorial Hall represents the 20th century
Japanese art, Kaii Higashiyama spent his great part of his life connection with Ichikawa City, was open on November 2005.
Soon after the postwar from 1945 to 1999 living in Ichikawa more than 50 years till passed away, the glorious arts was Ichikawa’s pride. He called as great artist, but yet to looked hard himself,
He accumulates his art of life as a monk practicing asceticism,
In his painting depicted and projected peace and calm.
It can be say that the life he has lived and his character formed Kaii Higashiyama’s world. The Ichikawa City Higashiyama Kaii Memorial Hall concept to the [Man and Kaii Higashiyama], in the exhibition it disclosed the start of life and the art material,
A great achievement honored and information is sending.
Kaii Higashiyama's Abbreviation and Timeline
1908  He was born to kosuke Higashiyama and kuni’s second son, in Yokohama
         (real name Shinkichi).
1911  He moved to Kobe Nishide-cho because of his father work.
1921  He admitted in Hyogo Prefecture The Second Kobe Junior High School
         (NowKobeHigh School)
1926  He admitted Tokyo School of Arts (present Tokyo University of Arts)
         Japanese style painting department.
1929  On The 10th teiten exhibition [Mountainous Country’s Autumn] 1st exhibited.
         First time selected.
1931  Graduated from TokyoSchool of Arts.
1933  Research completed from Tokyo School of Arts.
         Studied in Germany (~1935)
1940  Married with Sumi, the eldest daughter of Japanese style artist Syouko Kawasaki.
1945  Conscripted, joined the 83th Tobu army force (Now in Kashiwa City Chiba
         Meet the final war in Kumamoto.
         Temporarily lived in Ichikawa City Takaishigami restarted the art.
Matsumaru Residence
1946  In Onigoe Ichikawa City Nakamura’s residence miso brewing factory office’s second floor room was borrowed and started life there.
In front of Nakamura's residence office
1947  The 3rd Nitten (Japan Fine Art Exhibition) 《Afterglow》 was exhibited.
           Won the highest honors. Purchased by the government.
《Afterglow》 Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art Collection

1950  1950 The 6th Nitten exhibition 《Road》 was exhibited.


《Road》 Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art Collection
1953  In Ichikawa City Nakayama 1, the new house was design and built by the architect Junzo Yoshimura was also an alumnus Fine Art School.
In front of the house entrance
1956 Won the 12th Japan Art Academy Prize, which was exhibited on 11th Nitten exhibition 《Lightdark》.
1960 Wall Painted 《Figure of Four Season of Sun and Moon》 in Togu Palace (Present Akasaka Estate).
1962 Sketch travel to Northern Europe.
1965 Appointed to the member of Japan Art Academy.
1968 Produced big wall painting 《Dawn of the tide》 in new Imperial Palace.
1969  Coverage tour to Germany.
           Awarded The Order of Culture. Commended as Person of cultural merit.
1974  Appointed as chairman of Nitten.
1975  The 1st wall painted in Toshodai-ji Temple Goyeido.
1976  From this age to 1978 visited three times in China.
1980  The 2nd wall painted in Toshodai-ji Temple Goyeido.
1981  Presented the picture 《Benign Light》 to Toshodai-ji Temple.

1985  Painted 《Green Breeze》 the 1st drop curtain in Ichikawa City Cultural Big Hall.
Big Hall’s drop curtain
1988  Ichikawa City's Artist Exhibition Series II exhibited the way of Higashiyama's to Toshodai-ji Temple.
Exhibited the way to toshodai-ji Temple
Exhibited the way to toshodai-ji Temple
        Ichikawa City presented honorary citizen’s title.
Honorary citizen
1990  In the park of Johyama Nagano City, Nagano Prefectural Shinano Art Museum/Higashiyama Kaii Gallery was open.
1994  1994 Higashiyama Kaii Art Gallery was open in Ichikawa City Life Learning Center.
Art Gallery
1999  6th May Passed away
         Decorated with the Orders of the Sacred Treasure, 3rd class.